Discussion Questions about Colors

What color is your favorite? What are the colors of your clothes in your closet? How many colors can you name on a rainbow? These are all questions about colors that we will be exploring today!

Color is something found almost everywhere and has fascinated people for centuries. But what does it actually mean to us as humans?

We’ll explore those questions and others. Hopefully, these questions help you have a nice conversation about them

Questions about Colors

These are some of the most important and common questions that people have about colors.

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What’s your least favorite color?
  3. Has your favorite color changed as you’ve grown older?
  4. What does your favorite color represent for you?
  5. What’s the best color for a car?
  6. What’s the best color for a house?
  7. What is the meanings of the most common colors?
  8. Why did you choose this color as your favorite color?
  9. Do any of the following colors resonate with you: blue, yellow, brown, red or green when it comes to selecting paint colors for their home?
  10. Do you think about color when you buy clothes?
  11. Are your clothes various colors, or do you have a lot of one color?
  12. Why do people wear black to funerals?
  13. What is the best color to paint a room and why?
  14. What colors make you feel the happiest?
  15. What colors make you sad?
  16. What color reminds you of childhood innocence and playtime?
  17. What does pink stand for when it comes to emotions?
  18. What color do you feel represents your personality the best?
  19. Would you change your hair color? what color would you choose?
  20. Do you pay attention to different shades of color?

Questions and Answers

These are my answers to some of the questions that I thought are the most interesting from the list

  • Has your favorite color changed as you’ve grown older?
  • I used to say, a color that I still however I wear black shirts a lot
  • What does your favorite color represent for you?
  • I like the black color in website and in shirts. I don’t attribute any special meaning to it


We hope you found these questions about colors helpful in starting conversations with your friends.

If you have any other color-related questions, please let us know via Telegram and we’ll include them in our list

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