Questions about Crime

Do you know what the word “crime” means? If not, don’t worry because this blog post will explore some of the most common questions about crime.

Crime is defined as an act that violates the law. This includes robbery, murder, and even cheating on a test in school. People often ask if there are certain crimes that only happen in specific countries or how much time someone can get in jail for committing a crime they didn’t mean to do.

These are all important topics to discuss so let’s keep exploring!

Questions about Crime

These are some pretty good questions about crime divided into three categories:

#1General Questions about Crime
#2Questions about Crime TV Shows
#3Opinions about Crimes around the World

General Questions about Crime

These are some of the most common general questions about crime

  1. How do you define crime?
  2. What is the worst crime in your opinion?
  3. What do you think the most common crime in your country is?
  4. Is crime a serious problem where you live?
  5. Are violent crimes a problem in your city?
  6. Do the police do a good job in your country?
  7. Should the laws be more or less strict in your country?
  8. Is your country a safe country?
  9. Have you ever seen a crime?
  10. Have you ever witnessed a serious crime?
  11. What are some of the most dangerous places in your country?
  12. Have you ever been robbed?
  13. Are you afraid if
  14. What is the punishment for murder in your country?
  15. What is the punishment for stealing in your country?
  16. What kinds of crimes are increasing in your country?
  17. What kinds of crimes are decreasing in your country?
  18. Do you have any crime prevention trips?
  19. Have you ever reported a crime?
  20. Why do people become criminals?
  21. Do you think security cameras in our cities is a good thing?

Questions about Crime TV Shows

These are some questions about crime shows

  1. Do you like to watch Crime TV shows?
  2. Have you ever watched shows like the Sopranos or Breaking bad?
  3. Have you ever watched American police procedural dramas such as CSI?
  4. Why are Crime TV shows so popular?
  5. Do you watch documentaries about Crime such as Making a murderer?
  6. Do you know who Pablo Escobar was?
  7. Have you ever watched a season of Narcos?

I am looking forward to watching the new season of Mind Hunter as soon as it comes up

Questions about Crimes around the World

These are some activities that are typified as illegal in different countries.

I don’t agree with some of them but it would be interesting to gather thoughts about how your students see these matters:

What do you think about:

  1. Abortion being ilegal in El Salvador?
  2. Homosexuality being a crime in Bangladesh?
  3. Recreation Marihu*na being ilegal in Japan?
  4. Adultery being a crime in Pakistan?


With the recent increase in crime, we’ve all been wondering what is going on. Is it just a coincidence or are these events related?

What are some of the most interesting questions about crime that you would like to add to this list?

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