Questions about the Bible

Some people believe the bible to be the word of god and some people think that the bible just contains stories and moral codes.

While every book of the Bible is interesting on its own merit, there are certain questions that come up frequently.

In this post we will be looking at some common questions that people have about the bible

Questions about the Bible

These are some of the most common questions that people have about the Bible

Student’s A Questions

  1. What’s the bible?
  2. Who wrote the bible?
  3. Are the books in the bible inspired by God?
  4. Do we have to obey the commandments found in the bible?
  5. Do you believe in the Bible?
  6. Why do some people don’t believe in the Bible?
  7. Is the Bible accepted by the major non-christian religions?
  8. What can we learn from the Bible?
  9. Do you have any favorite bible stories?
  10. Have you read all the books from the Bible?

Student’s B Questions

  1. Is there archeological evidence to prove the Bible stories are historical?
  2. How often do you read the Bible?
  3. What books in the bible are the easiest to read?
  4. Do events from the Bible contradict science?
  5. How can we know if the Bible is true?
  6. Can there be any more scriptures beside the Bible?
  7. Doesn’t the events from the Genesis contradict Science?
  8. Do you read the Bible with your parents and or Friends?
  9. Do all people come to the same conclusion after reading the Bible?
  10. Why do people interpret the Bible in different ways?


I hope these questions about the bible have contributed to have a more open conversation about what the bible is and what it means for people .

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