Questions with Can: Guide and Examples

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In this post, you will find all that you need to know about questions with can.

These are some of the most common uses of the questions with can:

#1To be able to do somethingCan you drive?
#2Used to request somethingCan I have a glass of water?
#3Used in polite offers of helpCan I help you?
#4To be allowed to do somethingCan I leave now?

Now let’s check all the types of questions you can make with the modal can

Structure to Make Questions with Can

This is the structure to make questions with can

CanI LeaveNow?
CanHe Drivea car?
Can TheyPlaySoccer well?
CanWeAfforda Car?

Questions with Can

These are some examples of questions with can

  • Can she drive a car?
  • Can they play the flute?
  • Can we play the trumpet?
  • Can we fix all issues by tomorrow?
  • Can they work on the project all night long?
  • Can you bring me a glass of water?
  • Can I have a word with you?
  • Can she dance salsa?
  • Can she sing well?
  • Can she speak several languages?
  • Can I ask a question, please?
  • Can we go home now?

Questions with Can: Where

These are some questions with where and the modal can

  • Where can I park my car?
  • Where can we go?
  • Where can we play soccer?
  • Where can we go swimming?
  • Where can we stay for the night?
  • Where can we have breakfast?
  • Where can we play the trumpet?

Questions with Can: Who

These are some questions with who and the modal can

  • Who can fix our car?
  • Who can play the instrument that well?
  • Who can occupy this position?
  • Who can we borrow money from?
  • Who can lend us some money?
  • Who can make a cake?

Questions with Can: When

These are some questions with when and the modal can

  • When can we leave?
  • When can I visit you in London?
  • When can we take the next train?
  • When can I get my money?
  • When can you fix my old car?
  • When can I get my money back?

Questions with Can: What

These are some questions with what and the modal can

  • What time can I call you?
  • What time can I leave?
  • What instrument can you play?
  • What language can you speak?
  • What dishes can you prepare?
  • What type of videos can you create?
  • What security measures can you implement?

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