Superlative Questions for the ESL Classroom

Superlative questions are a valuable tool used by journalists to get a specific answer out of their interviewees.

Journalists will often start an interview with a superlative question, asking the person what is the best thing they have ever done or what is the most expensive car they have ever bought.

Superlative questions are quite different from comparative questions because they do not just ask for comparisons between two items or people.

Superlative Questions: Personal Questions

These are some examples of superlative questions which are sort of personal to you or the person you are talking to.

  1. What are your three best qualities?
  2. What are the top three things that you find the most interesting about yourself?
  3. What is your most prized possession?

Superlative Questions: Sports

These are some examples of superlative questions related to sports, athletes and so much more

  1. Who is the best MMA fighter of all time?
  2. What fighter is the most entertaining?
  3. Who is the fastest man in the world?
  4. Who is the fastest woman in the world?
  5. Who is the best basketball player of all time?

Superlative Questions: Animals

These are some examples of superlative questions related to animals

  1. What’s the most dangerous animal?
  2. What’s the most poisonous snake?
  3. What’s the largest animal?
  4. What’s the fastest animal?
  5. What’s the tiniest animal?
  6. What’s the slowest animal?
  7. What’s the fastest animal on water?
  8. What’s the fastest animal on air?
  9. What’s the heaviest animal?
  10. What’s the loudest animal?
  11. What animals have the most powerful bite?
  12. What’s the smartest animal?

Superlative Questions: Movies

These are some questions about movies using superlatives

  • What’s the scariest movie of all time?
  • What’s the best film director of all time?
  • What’s the best action ever?
  • What’s the best trilogy?
  • What’s the best superhero movie?

Superlative Questions: Celebrities

These are some superlative questions about celebrities

  1. Who is the best soccer player?
  2. Who is the most handsome actor?
  3. What’s the most beautiful actress?
  4. Who is the best singer?
  5. Who is the richest football player?
  6. What’s the most famous blogger?
  7. Who’s the most famous Youtuber?
  8. Who is the best actor in the world?
  9. Who is the worst musician in the world?
  10. Who is the richest actor?
  11. Who is the most famous supermodel?
  12. What’s the best singer in the world?
  13. What’s the worst blogger in the world?
  14. What’s the most beautiful supermodel in the world?
  15. Who is the richest supermodel?
  16. Who’s more beautiful, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lopez?
  17. Who is the most famous rapper in the World?
  18. What’s the best country singer in the world?
  19. Who is the most famous boxer in the World

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