Spanish Words with W

TW is the 24th letter in the Spanish alphabet, have you ever wondered how many words start with “W” in Spanish?

If you’re learning Spanish. you’ve likely noticed that there aren’t many words that begin with the letter “W.”

In this post you will find the Spanish words starting with W and other words that include it

Words that start with W

Spanish words that begin with the letter “W” are quite rare, as “W” is not a native letter in the Spanish alphabet. However, some words have been borrowed from other languages or adapted to Spanish that start with “W.”

Here are a few examples of borrowed words from other languages which are commonly and understood by native speaker

  • WhatsApp: This widely used messaging app is known as “WhatsApp” in Spanish as well
  • Web: The term “web,” referring to the internet or a spider’s web, is commonly used in Spanish as “web.”
  • Wifi: The word for a wireless network is “wifi” in both English and Spanish, and it’s pronounced the same way.
  • Walkie-talkie: In Spanish, a walkie-talkie is called a “walkie-talkie,” maintaining its English name.
  • Watt: The unit of power, “watt,” is referred to as “vatio” in Spanish, but it’s often abbreviated as “W,” just like in English.
  • Windsurf: This water sport, known as “windsurfing” in English, is called “windsurf” in Spanish as well.
  • Whisky: As mentioned in the previous post, “whisky” in Spanish refers to the popular alcoholic beverage, maintaining its English spelling and pronunciation.
  • Western: The genre of movies and literature known as “Western” in English is typically referred to as “western” in Spanish.
  • Webinar: The term “webinar” is commonly used in Spanish as well, and it is often pronounced similarly.

Sentences with Spanish Words Starting with “w”

These are some example of sentences using Spanish words starting with W

  • WhatsApp: “Déjame mandarte un mensaje por WhatsApp.”
  • Web: “Puedes encontrar todo en la web.”
  • Wifi: “La contraseña del wifi está en la parte de atrás del router.”
  • Walkie-talkie: “Lleva el walkie-talkie por si necesitamos encontrarnos.”
  • Watt: “Esta lámpara usa pocos watts.”
  • Windsurf: “Me encantaría aprender a hacer windsurf.”
  • Whisky: “Vamos a brindar con un buen whisky escocés.”
  • Western: “A veces me relajo viendo westerns.”
  • Webinar: “El webinar sobre emprendimiento digital empieza en 10 minutos”

Spanish Words With W

These are Spanish words with W, which also happened to be borrowed from other language.


The physical and electronic parts of a computer, rather than the instructions it follows.

SPAYo estoy probando este software
ENI am testing this software


The instructions that control what a computer does; computer programs.

SPAYo estoy probando este software
ENI am testing this software


A sport originally from Korea, in which people fight with arms, legs, and feet. It is similar to karate.

SPAYo practico Taekwondo
ENI practice Taekwondo

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