Simple Present Negative: Guide & Examples

In this lesson, you will find all you need to make negative sentences with the simple present.

You need to know these words well since they will be part of every negative sentence we make with the simple present.

Do notDon’t
Does notDoesn’t

Remember that we use don’t and doesn’t with different personal pronouns and subjects in English.

The chart details what words to use with the different personal pronouns.

PronounNegative Word

Now that you know that, take a look at the structure of negative sentences made with the simple present and examples of them.

Negative Sentences: Structure

The structure to make negative sentences with the simple present is this:

Don’t /Doesn’tdon’t

Negative Sentences: Examples

These are some examples of negative sentences

  • I don’t like broccoli.
  • I don’t have any money
  • I don’t get along with my parents.
  • I don’t have any brothers or sisters.
  • I don’t play any musical instruments.
  • I don’t like going to parties.
  • She doesn’t listen to me.
  • She doesn’t speak Spanish.
  • She doesn’t eat meat.
  • She doesn’t know how to swim.
  • She doesn’t have many friends.
  • She doesn’t drink coffee.
  • You don’t like going to the movies.
  • You don’t enjoy going to concerts.
  • You don’t have any siblings.
  • You don’t have a lot of free time.
  • You don’t like to cook.
  • It doesn’t rain very often here.
  • It doesn’t snow in the summer.
  • It doesn’t get very cold in the winter.
  • It doesn’t get very hot in the spring.
  • It doesn’t have any legs.
  • He doesn’t work hard.
  • He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.
  • He doesn’t believe in ghosts
  • He doesn’t have a driver’s license.
  • He doesn’t exercise very often.
  • He doesn’t read books very often.
  • We don’t go to the park on Sundays.
  • We don’t have time for that.
  • We don’t like going to the mall.
  • We don’t have any pets.
  • We don’t go to church on Sundays.
  • We don’t watch a lot of movies.
  • They don’t respect their elder
  • They don’t have any common sense.
  • They don’t watch television.
  • They don’t have a lot of money.
  • They don’t have a lot of patience.
  • They don’t travel very much.

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