Sentences with Hacer: Guide and Examples

“Hacer” is a verb that can be used in a variety of contexts. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner of the language, understanding the different ways in which “hacer” can be used is essential to developing your Spanish skills.

In English, we use the verbs “do” and “make” in different situations, however in Spanish, all sentences make these two verbs are made with “hacer”

Check these two examples with sentences with the verb “hacer”

I have to do exercisesTengo que hacer ejercicios
I have to make dinnerTengo que hacer la cena

In this post, we will explore some common uses of “hacer” in sentences, providing you with practical examples to help you improve your understanding and usage of this important verb.

The Verb “Hacer” when Talking about Exercises

These are some examples of sentences with “hacer” about exercises and physical activities

ESMe gusta hacer yoga en la mañana
ENI like to do yoga in the morning
ESMis amigos y yo hacemos ejercicio juntos
ENI like to do yoga in the morning
ESYo hago sentadillas
ENI do squats
ESYo hago muchas flexiones
ENI do many push-ups

The Verb “Hacer” when Talking about Food

These are some examples of sentences with the verb “hacer” to talk about food preparation in Spanish

ESYo hago la cena
ENI make dinner
ESYo siempre hago el desayuno
ENI always make breakfast
ESEstoy haciendo el almuerzo
ENI am making lunch
ESElla esta haciendo una pizza
ENShe is making Pizza

The Verb “Hacer” for Non-Specific Actions

These are some examples of sentences with the verb “make” to talk about non-specific actions”

ESYo necesito hacer algo
ENI have to do something
ESYo debo hacer algo al respecto
ENI must do something about it
ESEstoy haciendo algo especial para ti
ENI am doing something special for you

Question with “Hacer”

These are some common questions with the verb “hacer’

ES¿Qué estás haciendo?
ENWhat are you doing?
ES¿Qué haces para divertirte?
ENWhat do you do for fun?
ES¿Qué haces para mantenerte en forma?
ENWhat do you do to stay in shape?
ES¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana pasado?
ENWhat did you do last weekend?
ES¿Qué vas a hacer esta noche?
ENWhat are you going to do tonight?
ES¿Qué puedo hacer para ayudarte?
ENWhat can I do to help you?
ESHaces ejercicio regularmente
ENDo you exercise regularly?
ES¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre?
ENWhat do you like to do in your free time?
ES¿Qué te gusta hacer?
ENWhat do you like to do?
ES¿Qué deberia hacer?
ENWhat should I do?
ES¿Qué te gustaría hacer hoy?
ENWhat would you like to do today?
ES¿Y qué vamos a hacer?
ENWhat are we gonna do?

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