Questions with Should for the ESL Classroom

Today you are going to learn more about questions with should since they are very useful when it comes to getting advice from others.

Should I go to the party tonight? Should I study for my exam first? What should I do with my time today? These are all questions with should.

We don’t know what we should do and end up doing nothing or something else. This blog post includes questions with should and some interesting discussion questions at the end.

Examples of Questions with Should

These are some examples of questions with should

  1. Should you have two jobs?
  2. Should I give him some space?
  3. Should we wake up early tomorrow?
  4. Should we turn left on this street?
  5. Shouldn’t you be getting ready for work?
  6. Should I turn on the air conditioning?
  7. Shouldn’t you be studying now?
  8. Should we tell her the truth?
  9. Shouldn’t we try to finish it now?

Examples of wh – Questions with Should

These are some examples of wh-questions with should

  1. Where should I park my car?
  2. What should you wear to work?
  3. Which one should I choose?
  4. What should I do?
  5. How many people should be on the committee?
  6. How many seats should we buy for the game?
  7. Who should I ask?
  8. Who else should I invite?
  9. When should we start?
  10. Why should we get another degree?
  11. Where should the children play?
  12. Who do you think should win first prize?
  13. When should we have dinner together?

Conversation Questions with Should

These are some conversation questions with should

  1. How many hours should we sleep at night?
  2. Why should we do exercises?
  3. Why should we have a healthy diet?
  4. What should we do if we are sick?
  5. What should we do if we see someone littering?
  6. Should you work on your birthday?
  7. Should you work on a holiday?
  8. Should the government keep secrets from the people?
  9. What should you do when you are lost in an unfamiliar place?
  10. Should the government spend more or less money?
  11. Should you have a baby?
  12. Why should a person go to college?
  13. Which car should you buy in the future?
  14. What should we stop eating?
  15. What should we stop drinking?
  16. Why should we learn languages?
  17. What should you do to be popular?
  18. What should people do to give up drinking?
  19. What should we do to be less stressed?
  20. Should we stop using social media?

Should Questions and Answers

These are some answers to questions with should

  • Which car should you buy in the future?
  • I think a TESLA would be something worth trying
  • Why should we learn languages?
  • You get access to more information if you know more than two languages
  • Should you work on your birthday?
  • I don’t think you should, Companies should give employees that day off
  • Why should we have a healthy diet?
  • I think your life will be so much better if you eat healthy food
  • Should we stop using social media?
  • I think we should use it less

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