Questions with Did

Did you know that there are different types of questions? The type of questions we will be focusing on today are questions with did.

Did is a word in English that is used to make simple past questions. For example:

Did she rent a car for the trip?
Why did she rent an additional car for the trip?

We’ll also go over how to use the words what and who as well as some other tips for making good questions!

How to Make Questions with Did

This is the structure to make closed questions with did

Did PronounVerb + ?
Did Sheleave?
Didshedo exercises?

This is the structure to make open questions did

Wheredid yougo?
What did youdo?

Now, let’s check examples of closed and open questions with did

Closed Questions with Did

These are some examples of closed question with did

  • Did you watch any movies last night?
  • Did you go to the movies yesterday?
  • Did you go to the gym this morning?
  • Did you do any exercises this morning?
  • Did you help your brother with his homework?
  • Did you watch all Rick and Morty episodes in a week?
  • Did you ask your girlfriend to marry you?
  • Did you already finish your homework?
  • Did you fail a class?

Open Questions with Did

These are some examples of open questions with did

  • What did you do last night?
  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What movie did you watch?
  • How many episodes did you watch?
  • What exercises did you do today?
  • What classes did you take today?
  • What test did you take today?
  • How many classes did you fail?
  • Where did you meet your girlfriend?
  • Where did you meet your husband?
  • How did you learn English?
  • Where did you learn English?
  • What did you study?
  • What did you learn today?
  • Where did you go for your last holiday?
  • What did you watch on TV last night?

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