50 Questions about Sports for the ESL Classroom

Most people love sports and talk about them during their free time therefore a series of good sport conversation questions are perfect for classroom conversations.

Use these sets of sport conversation questions as you see fit.

I suggest copying and pasting them into a word document and cutting them into strips and place them inside a bag so the question that students would answer will be based on their luck

Sport General Questions

Let’s begin with some basic sport conversation questions

  1. Do you play any sports?
  2. Are you good at playing any sports?
  3. have you ever participated in a school team?
  4. How often do you play sports?
  5. What’s your favorite professional athlete?
  6. What’s the most expensive sport?
  7. What sport would you like to try?
  8. What sports do you like to watch live?
  9. What sports do you like to watch on TV?
  10. What are some sports you dislike watching? Why?
  11. How often do you read sport news?
  12. Have you ever met a sport celebrity?
  13. Would you like to play sport for a living?

Sport Questions: Soccer

soccer is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of eleven players and it is one of the most popular sports in the world.

  1. Do you ever watch soccer games?
  2. Do you watch the world cup?
  3. What team do you supoort during the world cup?
  4. Have you ever attended to a world cup game?
  5. Who is your favorite soccer player?
  6. Do you have a favorite soccer team?
  7. Do you watch the champions league games?
  8. How often do you watch soccer games?
  9. Do you play soccer with your friends?
  10. Have you ever played indoor soccer?
  11. Have you ever been to a soccer stadium?

Sport Questions: Extreme Sports

Action sportsAdventure sports or Extreme sports are activities perceived as involving a high degree of risk. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear

  1. What are extreme sports?
  2. Have you ever tried extreme sports?
  3. What extreme sports would you like to try?
  4. What are some of the risks of doing extreme sports?
  5. What do you think about bungee jumping or climbing?
  6. What makes snowboarding dangerous?
  7. What water extreme sports would you like to do if you could?
  8. What cases do you about people getting injured doing extreme sports?
  9. Should teenagers do extreme sports?
  10. Do you know a friend who does extreme sports?
  11. Why do you think people like risky sports?
  12. Would you like to try parachuting?
  13. What do you think of people who participate in extreme sports?
  14. What do you think of rock free climbing?
  15. What preparation in general do you need to have before attempting extreme sports?

Sport Questions: Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts

  1. Have you ever watched mixed martial arts ?
  2. Do you have a favorite MMA fighter?
  3. What MMA promotion do you usually watch?
  4. Do you think that MMA should be banned?
  5. What do you think about boxing?
  6. What do you prefer? MMA or Boxing?
  7. Do you know what Jiu-Jitsu is?
  8. Do you like watching wrestling?

Sport Questions about Swimming

Here are some engaging conversation questions about swimming:

  1. What inspired you to start swimming, and how has it impacted your life?
  2. Do you prefer swimming in pools, lakes, or oceans? Why?
  3. Have you ever participated in a swimming competition?
  4. How do you overcome any fears or challenges related to swimming?
  5. What is your favorite swimming stroke, and why do you enjoy it the most?
  6. Have you ever had a memorable or funny experience while swimming?
  7. Do you think swimming is a good form of exercise?
  8. How do you stay motivated to swim regularly, especially during colder seasons?
  9. What’s your favorite swimming destination or dream location to swim in someday?

Feel free to use these questions to spark interesting conversations about swimming!

Sport Questions: Winter Sports

Winter sports are the ones that you can’t do or play anywhere in the world

  1. What winter sports do you know?
  2. What winter sport would you like to practice?
  3. Do you know any famous winter sport practitioner?

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