Questions about Animals

Animals play an important role in our lives and the world around us, and there are endless questions to explore about them.

Questions about animals are a great topic for discussing since we ignore the most interesting facts about them.

Check these questions about animals:

  1. What’s the largest shark specie?
  2. What’s the life expectancy of sharks?
  3. Where do polar bears live?
  4. Do Polar Bears Hibernate?

From pets to wild animals, these questions will cover a wide range of topics related to animals and their behavior, habitats, and relationships with humans.

So let’s dive in and start exploring the world of animals through conversation!

Questions about Animals: Sharks

This is one of the scariest animals on Earth.

  1. Have you ever seen a shark?
  2. Are you scared of sharks?
  3. What’s the life expectancy of sharks?
  4. What’s the smallest species of shark?
  5. How many species of sharks are out there?
  6. What’s the largest shark species?
  7. What’s the slowest shark?
  8. What’s the fastest shark?
  9. How many human fatalities are caused by sharks each year?
  10. Are there animals that prey on sharks?
  11. How do sharks interact with each other?
  12. How do sharks adapt to different environments?

Questions about Animals: Polar Bears

These are some interesting questions about Polar Bears

  1. Do polar bears live in Antartida?
  2. What do polar bears eat?
  3. Do polar bears have white fur?
  4. Do polar bears hibernate?
  5. Do polar bears eat penguins?
  6. Can polar bears swim well?
  7. How long can a polar bear live?
  8. How do polar bears compare to other bear species?

Questions about Animals: Snakes

These are some very interesting questions about Snakes

  1. Are you afraid of snakes?
  2. What’s the fastest snake?
  3. What’s the deadliest snake?
  4. Which snake kills the most people?
  5. Which snake’s venom kills people the quickest? 
  6. How long do snakes live?
  7. What internal organs do snakes have?

Questions about Animals: Lions

These are some interesting questions about big cats

  1. Have you ever seen a lion?
  2. What do lions eat?
  3. Do Lions eat or hunt every day?
  4. Where do lions live?
  5. What is a group of lions called?
  6. Are Lions social?
  7. Are Lions the largest cat on Earth?

Questions about Animals: Elephants

These are some questions about elephant

  1. What do elephants eat?
  2. How long does an elephant live?
  3. How long is an Elephant Trunk?
  4. How big is an elephant’s heart?
  5. How intelligent are elephants?

Questions about Animals: Whales

These are some questions about whales

  1. What do whales eat?
  2. How fast can whales swim?
  3. Do whales sleep?
  4. How long do whales live?
  5. What is a Group of Whales Called?
  6. What’s the largest whale?
  7. What’s the smallest whale?
  8. Are whales mammals?

Questions about Animals: Penguins

These are some questions about penguins

  1. What do penguins eat?
  2. Where do penguins live?
  3. Do penguins have teeth?
  4. How fast can penguins swim?
  5. How long do penguins live?
  6. What’s the biggest penguin?
  7. At what temperatures do penguins live?
  8. How are penguins affected by human activity?

Questions about Animals: Butterflies

These are some interesting questions about butterflies

  1. How long do butterflies live?
  2. How many types of butterflies are there?
  3. Do butterflies bite?
  4. What’s the biggest type of butterfly?
  5. What’s the smallest type of butterfly?


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