Family Members’ Vocabulary in Spanish

In this post, we will explore some of the most important words and phrases related to the family in the Spanish language.

From basic terms like “Madre” and “Padre” to more complex phrases like “Hermanastro” or “Bisabuela”, we will cover it all.

Not only you will learn the words, but you will also learn how to use them in context, making it easier to hold conversations with Spanish-speaking family members or friends.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up on your vocabulary, this post is perfect for you! Let’s get started!

Family Members in Spanish: Part I

This is the Family Members’ Main Vocabulary in Spanish


This is the basic family members’ main vocabulary if you need to talk about your grandparents

Nieta Granddaughter

This is the basic family members’ main vocabulary if you want to talk about your uncles’ and aunts’ families

Primo (a)Cousin
SobrinosNieces and Nephews

The Blended Family in Spanish

A blended family, also known as a stepfamily, is a family unit that is formed when two individuals who have children from previous relationships come together and create a new family.

El padrastroStepfather
La madrastraStepmother
Los padrastrosStepparents
El hijastroStepson
La hijastraStepdaughter
Los hijastrosstepchildren
El hermanastroStepbrother
La hermanastraStepsister
Los hermanastrosStepbrothers and Sisters
El medio hermanoHalf-brother
La media hermanaHalf-sister

The In-Laws in Spanish

This is the vocabulary in Spanish to talk about your in-laws

El suegroFather-in-law
La suegraMother-in-law
Los suegrosMother and Father-in-law
El yernoSon-in-law
La nueraDaughter-in-law
El cuñadoBrother-in-law
La cuñadaSister-in-law

Sentences about Family Members in Spanish

These are examples of sentences about Family Members in Spanish

ESMi madre se llama Maria.
ENMy mother’s name is Maria
ESMi padre trabaja como abogado.
ENMy father works as a lawyer.
ESMi hermana es estudiante de medicina.
ENMy sister is a medical student
ESMi abuela vive con nosotros.
ENMy grandmother lives with us
ESMi tío es muy divertido.
ENMy uncle is very funny
ESMi primo es muy inteligente
ENMy cousin is very intelligent
ESMi suegra es muy amable.
ENMy mother-in-law is very nice
ESMi cuñado es muy trabajador.
ENy brother-in-law is very hardworking
ESMi esposo es mi mejor amigo.
ENMy husband is my best friend.
ESMi hija es muy divertida.
ENMy daughter is very funny

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