20 Other Ways to Say Everything is Fine

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone asked about how things are going, and you wished to respond with more than the typical “everything is fine”?

For ESL learners, expanding their repertoire of expressions for well-being can enhance your conversational skills.

There exists a plethora of alternative phrases beyond the straightforward “everything is fine,” such as “it’s all good” or “all is well.”

Other Ways to Say “Everything is Fine”

Here are 15 alternatives to saying “everything is fine”:

  • All is well.
  • No worries.
  • Everything’s okay.
  • Things are good.
  • Nothing to worry about.
  • It’s all good.
  • No problems here.
  • Everything’s under control.
  • All is in order.
  • No issues at all.
  • Everything’s going smoothly.
  • No cause for concern.
  • Nothing to fret about.
  • Everything is going according to plan.

Everything is Fine Alternatives: Exchange

These are some short exchanges in which the previous alternatives to “Everything is fine” are being used

  • Person A: “How’s your day going?”
  • Person B: “All is well, thanks for asking.”

  • Person A: “Any challenges today?”
  • Person B: “No worries, everything’s okay on my end.”

  • Person A: “How’s your new project coming along?”
  • Person B: “Things are good; we’re making steady progress.”

  • Person A: “Any concerns about the upcoming event?”
  • Person B: “Nothing to worry about; everything’s well-planned.”

  • Person A: “Is everything okay with your presentation?”
  • Person B: “It’s all good; I’ve got it under control.”

  • Person A: “Any issues with the assignment?”
  • Person B: “No problems here; everything is going smoothly.”

  • Person A: “How’s the project progressing?”
  • Person B: “Smooth sailing so far; no major hurdles.”

  • Person A: “How’s your workload?”
  • Person B: “Everything’s under control; I can manage.”

  • Person A: “Any chaos in the office today?”
  • Person B: “All is in order; things are running smoothly.”

  • Person A: “Did you encounter any problems with the new software?”
  • Person B: “No issues at all; it’s working perfectly.”

  • Person A: “How’s the family doing?”
  • Person B: “Everything’s going smoothly; no issues to report.”

  • Person A: “Concerned about the upcoming deadline?”
  • Person B: “No cause for concern; I’ll meet the deadline.”

  • Person A: “Anything bothering you lately?”
  • Person B: “Nothing to fret about; everything’s fine.”

  • Person A: “How’s your travel plans shaping up?”
  • Person B: “Everything is going according to plan; no disruptions.”

  • Person A: “Are you worried about the project presentation?”
  • Person B: “No need to worry; everything is going according to plan.”

Manuel Campos, English Professor

Manuel Campos

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