Entertainment Discussion Questions

Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience or gives pleasure and delight.

Entertainment is important as it brings people together and is a good way for the entire family to bond.

It diverts people’s attention from their demanding lives and amuses them in their leisure time.

There are several forms of entertainment such as:

TV ShowsBooks
Video gamesSporting Events
Road TripsTraveling

In this post, you will find lots of entertainment conversation questions to learn more about what activities make other people happy

50 Conversation Questions about Entertainment

This is a list of more than 50 Conversation Questions about Entertainment divided into topics such as:

#2TV Shows and Cartoons
#3Video Games

Entertainment: Movies

Movies are the easiest and most common form of entertainment that most people in the world consume.

These are some conversation questions about movies

  1. What´s your favorite movie?
  2. Who do you like to be with while watching a movie?
  3. Who is your favorite actor or actress?   
  4. What is your opinion about romantic films?
  5. Tell me the name of some films that you have watched more than twice
  6. What’s your favorite film genre?
  7. How often do you go to the cinema or theater?
  8. What is the best film you have ever seen? Why did you like it?
  9. What is the worst film you have ever seen? Why did you dislike it?
  10. Do you like independent films? What independent films have you watched?
  11. What was the last movie that you watched?

Entertainment: TV Shows and Cartoons

Just like movies, television is another type of entertainment that is easily available and comes in a wide array of choices

These are some conversation questions about TV and Cartoons

  1. What were some of the TV Shows or cartoons that you watched when you were a child?
  2. Who don’t you like to be with while watching television?
  3. What is your favorite TV Show character?
  4. Do you watch soap operas? Does anyone in your family do? If so who?
  5. What soap operas have you watched?
  6. What do you think about sports channels?
  7. What do you think about news channels?
  8. What did you watch on TV yesterday?
  9. Do you wish that you watched TV less often? Why/not?
  10. Have TV shows and movies made people stupid? Why do you think so?
  11. What are the advantages of watching TV?
  12. What are the disadvantages of watching TV?
  13. Could you live without TV for a week?
  14. What do you think about reality shows?
  15. Do you watch a lot of Netflix shows?

Entertainment Questions: Video Games

These are some conversation questions about Video Games

  1. Do you play video games? If so what games have you played?
  2. What video game would you recommend to a new player?
  3. Would you like to participate in a video game tournament?
  4. Do you have a favorite video game console?
  5. What games did you use to play when you were a kid?
  6. Do you watch people playing video games on Youtube?
  7. Do you spend a lot of time on Twitch?
  8. Who are some of the most famous streamers or video games player?

Entertainment Questions: Sports

If you are a sports fan, then you must know that there is nothing more exciting and entertaining than sitting in the stands and supporting your favorite team

These are some conversation questions about Sports

  1. Are you a fan of sports? 
  2. What sport would you like to be part of?
  3. What sport wouldn’t you like to participate in?
  4. Team sports or individual sports? Support your answer
  5. indoor sports or outdoor sports? Support your  answer
  6. What sports event would you like to attend?
  7. Would you like to try an extreme sport? Which one?
  8. What sports do you like to watch?

Entertainment Questions: Music

These are some conversation questions about Music

  1. What is your favorite album?
  2. Who is your favorite singer?
  3. What is your favorite soundtrack?
  4. Tell me  your top  five songs of all times
  5. Have you ever been to a concert? if so, What can you tell me about it?
  6. How much do you like to dance?
  7. Do you like spending a lot of time listening to songs on Youtube?

Entertainment Questions: Celebrities

These are some conversation questions about celebrities

  1. Would you like to do a living as paparazzi?
  2. If you were Paparazzi, who would you follow every day?
  3. If you had the opportunity to marry a celebrity, who would you marry?
  4. What celebrity would you like to interview?
  5. What movie star would you like to spend your vacation with?

Entertainment Questions: EBooks

Books are the best companion you can have. They allow you to escape your life and step into another time

These are some conversation questions about Books

  1. What are some good books that you have read?
  2. What is the best book you have ever read?
  3. What books are you looking forward to reading in the future?
  4. Who are some famous writers from your country?
  5. Do you like audiobooks?
  6. Have you ever listened to an audiobook?

Entertainment: General Questions

  1. What entertains you?
  2. If you were staying on a desert island for a year, what stuff would you bring with you to stay entertained?
  3. How often do you go to parties?
  4. How often do you read comic books?
  5. What are some things you can do without spending a cent?
  6. What is your favorite holiday? Why?
  7. When do you usually listen to the radio?
  8. What do you usually do on weekend?
  9. What did you do last weekend?
  10. Who’s the most entertaining person you know? Are you an entertaining person?


There are many forms of entertainment available for us. We enjoy movies, shows and so many other things that it’s hard to keep up with all the different options out there.

But what do you prefer? Is your favorite form of entertainment watching a movie in theaters or at home on Netflix, reading books or magazines, listening to music or podcasts, or playing video games (or board games) with friends and family members?

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I hope that you have found all the Entertainment conversation questions you were looking for

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